Hy-Pro Filtration’s Factory Side Chat Podcast

Hy-Pro Filtration Factoryside Chat; Let‘s talk particle size; comparing the most common testing methods and the new ISO 23369 test to Hy-Pro‘s DFE

October 6, 2021

In Episode 6, Hy-Pro's subject matter experts Scott Howard, Strategic Accounts Program Manager, and Curt Martin, Hy-Pro's Lab Manager, discuss all things particle size and testing.

  • How to measure the particle size concentration in oil
  • Patch tests vs. laser tests, visual versus those particles not seen by the naked eye
  • Importance of accurate bottle capture of samples
  • ISO 4406 standard and understanding its complexities, i.e. ISO codes are a limit and not a target
  • Testing for efficiency, comparing the new ISO 23369 cyclic flow test versus Hy-Pro's DFE, Dynamic Efficiency test
  • Understanding cold start retention and reducing the "clouds of dust"
  • Understanding water and MPC testing

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